Hi Friends,

These have been challenging and confusing days, but it has been good to connect with one another, in any old way possible, and to remember how much love there is in our community at St. Barnabas.

Our Church Committee works hard to keep this beautiful church going: we remind one another often – We are Christ’s heart and Christ’s hand in this corner of creation. So what are we going to do?

If all of creation belongs to God, if everything on earth is God’s, then we are called to be stewards of this precious place. To be a steward is to be a trusted servant.

Specifically here at St. Barnabas – what has God entrusted to us? And how can we acknowledge this by our generous giving?

Our church depends on its members to support our many projects, our life in community, our buildings, our priest, everything that we do depends on YOU!

So that is why this year we are asking you to let us know (confidentially) how much support we can count on, as we build our annual budget for 2021.

Thank so much for your generosity, and your love.

We are grateful for your presence with us – in whatever way you feel safe and comfortable. We are grateful for your never-ending prayers for all of us. We are grateful for your financial donations. Christ be our light!

Every blessing,   Emilie


Envelope giving:  This is the traditional way of donating. Maureen Shirley is our envelope secretary, and she will be handing out boxes of envelopes this month. You can give your donation as often as you wish, in the basket at the entranceway to church.

Donate by e-transfer: You can make a donation directly to our bank through an e-transfer. We will track your donation, and provide you with a tax receipt at year end. More information: http://stbarnabasparish.ca/make-a-donation/

Automatic withdrawal or credit card payments: This is an easy way of regular giving. We can set you up with an automatic withdrawal or credit card payment. If you wish to give a regular donation this way, please see Martha or Emilie to set it up.

We will be organizing a special fundraising campaign for our redevelopment project in January. This will be your opportunity to share in this exciting time in our parish.