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Sunday ServiceMidweek Service 

Morning Prayer

The heart of St. Barnabas is our worship; reaching out to the surrounding neighbourhood is an extension of our worship and our response to the love of God. Our worship is inclusive, open to simplicity and creativity, and embraces the alternative, emerging and traditional. We strive to create a place of acceptance where all people feel welcome.

Sunday 10 am: Sunday Service with Holy Eucharist

In our Sunday service we worship our Creator through music, prayers, the Word, children’s lesson and the sermon. We share the love of Christ with one another and through the Eucharist. We use the Book of Alternative Services along with contemporary, supplementary material. Music is an integral part of our worship at St. Barnabas and is chosen to reinforce the lessons from the scriptures. Parishioners are involved in our service as greeters, readers, intercessors and servers. Sundays at 10am.
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Wednesday 10:30 am: Mid-week Service of Holy Eucharist

Our mid-week service includes reading of scripture, prayer, discussion, and reflection followed by the celebration of the Eucharist.

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Weddings, Memorial Services, Baptisms, Confirmations

The historic, quaint interior of St. Barnabas provides a beautiful setting for weddings, memorial services, baptisms, and confirmations. We are pleased to discuss the possibility of providing these sacraments of the church for you.

As part of the Diocese of New Westminster, St. Barnabas is proud to welcome ALL couples to contact us for marriage preparation.