This Sunday the 31st, 2pm PST, we will be hosting the Sacred Singing Circle, on Zoom. We’ve got a special guest this month, as it’s our 2nd anniversary! Private message me for the Zoom link. Details below:Song, Silence, Prayer, Bread

Beloved Friends, Sacred Singing Circle is two years old! This is a significant milestone for us as a community and we want you to celebrate with us. We have invited Paul Vasile, from Music that Makes Community and long time friend of our singing circle to join us and to share some songs with us. We are eager to welcome him.This month’s Circle will give us space to reminisce about the past two years of singing, praying and breaking bread as well as to dream about the future of this community. The theme is looking forward, looking back. We will gather on Zoom at 2:00 pm this Sunday, January 31st. We invite you to bring a special birthday/celebratory treat for yourself or for those who want an extra taste of the usual Sacred Singing Circle, below you will find Emilie’s delicious bread recipe. I hope you can join us on Sunday for some connection through song and silence. The Sacred Singing Circle is a gathering open to all people. It will be a chance to connect with our deepest selves, with our circles of community, and with the Divine who has no name. Sunday, January 31st 2:00 pm. Leaders of Sacred Singing Circle are: Caitlin Reilley Beck, mendicant liturgist and song-leader (, Emilie Smith, parish priest of St. Barnabas (, Patti Powell, renowned community choir director (