New Year, New Beginnings, New Friends

It was silly — as I cycled through the sloshing rain on my way to church I was inexplicably singing: Overtures! Curtains, lights! This is it, we’ve hit the heights, and oh what heights we’ve hit. On with the show this is it! 

Many of us who grew up in Canada in the 1970s would know the opening theme song for the Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Hour on Saturday afternoon television. We’ve been busy at St. Barnabas: Advent, Christmas, the services, the giant meal, our Sacred Singing Circle, and now: our January 5 Epiphany service for neighbours, friends and newcomers. We have been working, a small team of us, Bruce, Bill, Martha and myself, to put together a special “teaching service”. And now everything is ready. 

This Sunday, at our regularly scheduled time, we will be celebrating the sacred meal, and while I preside over the service, our good friend Martha, will be narrating what I am doing. Have you ever wondered: why is she doing that now? What does this word mean? We are hoping that all will be revealed! And you, and all our guests, will be invited to stay for a meal and talk more over in the hall afterwards. 

We have the words of eternal life! Let’s share them with everyone we know! 

I hope you will be able to come to church this Sunday. And bring a friend.

And as we keep busy in these days of chill and damp, there are two Saturday activities tomorrow that will warm our hearts: our Holy Felters group meets at 1pm. And in the evening, at 6pm, we will be showing the film: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. These are both activities for all ages and varieties of people.

Our prayers continue for our neighbourhood and the world:

Fall on us Heaven from on High
And let the skies rain down your righteousness.