Beloved Family at St. Barnabas,

The trees outside my window are bare, a few dangling leaves hang limp and the branches frame the sky with black. Everything looks dead. We know it’s not, but how hard it is to remember! These days of dark will turn, and in the meantime we are invited to pull ever closer together. This Sunday we will hear Isaiah, “The wolf will lie down with the lamb. ” Words of promise.  Someday God’s Reign will break out among us and we will live in peace. God’s holy mountain will be our home. 

But also we hear about that strange man, John the Baptist. Eating locusts and wild honey, and speaking strong words, “You brood of vipers!” Hmmm, surely he doesn’t mean us? We are nice people, good neighbours, we go to church!

As we continue to prepare a place for the God of ferocious love to abide in us, what are we going to do? How are we going to live out that unconditional, radical love for all of God’s creatures and creation?

Words of promise, words prodding us to action. The Reverend Dr. Jeanette Scott will be our preacher this Sunday. Jeanette is a Deacon who lives part time in Powell River, and part time in our neighbourhood. It is a blessing to have her with us!

Also this week: Tomorrow, Saturday, December 7th, we are hosting with our partner church, Shiloh-United, our annual Bazaar, from 10am – 2pm. Come get your Christmas baking and gifts. Also the Thrift Store is having a 50% sale.

Next Saturday, December 14th we will be hosting a “Quiet Afternoon.” Between 1 – 4pm the church sanctuary will be open, and there will be tables set up for: felting, rosary making, print making for wrapping paper, and sewing gift bags. Come into the quiet and warmth of our circle!

I hope to see you Sunday, and at other times.

With fondness,

Emilie, parish priest