Update on what is happening at St. Barnabas

Good evening friends,

As I am sure you are aware there is no worship service at St. Barnabas tomorrow and all gatherings and activities, including our meal program, food cupboard, thrift store, bible study, social events, and all N.A. and A.A. meetings in our hall remain suspended until further notice. Please be assured that these measures are temporary and plans are in the works to return to as normal as possible operations as soon as it is safe to do so. And that my very well be a new “normal” from what we have been used to.

To that end, Rev. Mavis and the wardens will be at the church early tomorrow to attempt a test run for an online prayer meeting. (No, this is not open to the public. Yes, they will be maintaining social distancing and taking all necessary precautions.) If that goes well we will be going live to the public and a link will be posted to our website and Facebook page. Please stay tuned.

We are aware that not everyone is online or technologically savvy and we are working on ways to keep everyone connected regardless of their technical capabilities. This may include phone buddies or a phone tree, regular check ins and updates via phone and email, small online prayer groups and bible study, and other ideas. If you have suggestions please share them.

In other news, our food ministries (Wednesday Lunch and Friday Food Cupboard) remain suspended until further notice. In the meantime, both the New Westminster Food Bank at 613 Queens Ave and the Salvation Army at 428 6th St. are operating their food distribution programs.

Please take care of yourselves and be safe. Wash your hands, maintain social distancing. Know that you are being prayed for. We will get through this together.


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We find ourselves in strange times as we are all grappling with the new reality in the Covid-19 pandemic. I am urging all of us, to take heart, keep ourselves and others safe and that we continue to be the close and caring community we are, even in these difficult times.

Our Archbishop Melissa has directed us to suspend all person to person services, church services,food ministries an all meetings in our buildings. This will include our Wednesday and Sunday services, our Sacred Singing Circle, our Thursday Lunch and our Friday Emergency Food Cupboard and our Thrift Store, all recovery and other meetings in the hall or church until May 6.

Please read her directive: https://www.vancouver.anglican.ca/news/suspension-of-in-person-worship-and-parish-and-diocesan-activities

The wardens and leadership of the Parish will be exploring remote and virtual ways to hold church services, keep in touch, check up with everyone and respond in these challenging fast changing times.

We will be strategizing with other community groups, in the delivery of needed food to those most vulnerable in our community. Please check our website and Facebook page.Please continue in your giving by PAR or e- transfers or by mail or dropping your offering by the office mail box.

Thank you to the leadership, Wardens, Parish Council members, Terri in the kitchen, Donna in the Thrift Store and to Rev. Shannon Tennant and our United Church friends for your support and creativity this last week. You are all amazing.In Lent sometimes we use the metaphor and image of being in the desert or the wilderness to focus our devotions. This pandemic feels like the wilderness, Jesus taught us that even in his 40 days in the wilderness he was never alone… holy angels attended him and we have each other.

May Jesus and His Holy Angels attend to our small committed community,to bolster our hearts as we are called to attend to ourselves, each other and the wider community in new ways of being and and new ways of caring. Please stay safe, wash your hands, practice self isolation and take this opportunity to get out in nature and this wonderful sunshine.

Yours in Christ,

The Venerable Mavis Brownlee
(filling in for the Rev. Emilie Smith)
March 17, 2020

Important Information from Archbishop Skelton: Covid-19

Our Archbishop, The Most Reverend Melissa Skelton, has issued several statements regarding the Covid-19 outbreak and how we as a faith community can best cope. These contain guidelines and directives for us to follow in our worship, in our ministry, and as a community. The links below are to the most recent, please take the time to read them.

Issued March 12: Communique #5 – Covid-19
Issued March 10: Communique #4 – Covid-19
Issued March 7: Update On Our Churches – Covid-19

Please know that your church leadership is in constant dialogue and is keeping updated on the situation as new information emerges and is committed to maintaining a safe space for all while serving the needs of our parish, our friends and neighbours, and our community.

Blessing of animals this Sunday, September 30

Join Fritz this coming Sunday, Sep. 30, for the final Sunday in our joint celebration of the Season of Creation with Shiloh – 5th Ave United. Fritz is excited because the theme for Sunday is animals and we will be incorporating the blessing of animals associated with St. Francis of Assisi Day. Your well mannered pets are welcome to come and receive a blessing. Music and activities begin at 10:30 am with the service 11:00. A potluck lunch in the hall will follow the service. Please bring a dish to share.