Sacred Singing Circle ~ March through June

March 31, April 28, May 26 & June 30 ~ 1 to 3 pm

gathering in the sanctuary of

St. Barnabas Anglican Church, 1010 Fifth Avenue, New Westminster

with Singing leaders Patti Powell & Emilie Smith

Everyone welcome, from anywhere, any tradition or any place on the journey. No need to “know how to sing”!

sacred singing

Sacred Singing Circle

The Sacred Singing Circle is a gathering open to all people. It will be a chance to connect with our deepest selves, with our circles of community, and with the Divine who has no name.

We will sing, hold silence, break bread and share prayers. Leaders of the circle are: Emilie Smith, parish priest of St. Barnabas, and recently returned from a Music That Makes Community intensive workshop (musicthatmakescommunity.org/) and Patti Powell, renowned community choir director. (pattipowellchoirs.com). Her choirs are members of the Ubuntu network: (ubuntuchoirs.net)

Our first circle is set for Sunday, January 27th, 1 — 3pm. We hope you can help us share the news.

Emilie and the St. Barnabas community