Beloved parishioners, friends in Christ,

I am sorry to announce that we will be suspending the celebration of the Eucharist in our church site for the next two weeks, and maybe more. This is because of the rapid increase in Covid–19 cases in the metro Vancouver region. We don’t wish to take any risks with our parishioners. Dr. Bonnie Henry has advised a two week pause in how we do things, in order to stem the rate of infections, and I, in discussions with your church leaders, feel like we have to do our part. It has been so lovely to see one another again, even occasionally for the past few months, but let’s take this pause and rest and reflect. We know that the first disciples faced every kind of challenge and difficulty. We can do this. It is hard and sad and lonely. I miss seeing you all. I miss giving you hugs. I miss laughing and chatting, and sharing coffee hour and all of the rest. I miss singing. 

But remember — we were made for these times. Our faith tells us that we will never be left alone, we belong to the One God who made us and who loves us every day of our lives.

We will be recording a reduced service both weeks, and posting it for all to see. Please catch the service.

If any one has any kind of need, if you are lonely, or having a particularly hard time — or even if you just want to chat — PLEASE PHONE ME! Sometimes people say they’re sorry to bother me, when we spend a bit of time together. Are you kidding? There is nothing that matters more to me than staying connected. My cell number is 778 773 2342. 

Here is a note from the BC Centre for Disease Control:

A reminder to all: these measures are not forever, but they are very important for now, to protect the health of everyone in the community and in the province. There will be a time when we can all come together again.

So stay strong, stay calm, stay healthy. Know that you are blessed, and loved. Emilie